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What makes us different?

Inclusiveness, community and value are our core philosophies

We do things differently at F1rst Class Fitness. We’re not just a cutting-edge gym; we’re a health, fitness and wellbeing hub. We also go the extra mile: Working in the background, we make sure that every part of your experience with us is to industry-leading standards, so that getting fit and then getting back to your day is all you have to think about. No other Brisbane gym offers this to the degree we do.


Altitude Room Training

Train like elite athletes and celebrities with altitude! A great option if you’re always on the go: Get results in half the time with half the load . Simulated altitude exposes the body to lower oxygen levels which maximises weight loss, performance, endurance, speed and recovery time.


Gym memberships

We offer a variety of limited packages. Whatever your goals, strengths or weaknesses, our only objective is to give you the knowledge, support, motivation and guidance to achieve in state-of-the art facilities, fostering a family-like culture of no intimidation or judgment.


Personal Training

For guaranteed results, set your goals, plan your route and be held accountable with our tailored programs and planned sessions. Our dedicated trainers genuinely want you to reach your full potential and work alongside you every step of the way.


Group Fitness Classes

A huge hit if you can only spare 30 minutes to get the results you’re after. Based on an efficient training principle, we understand how valuable time is so we know how to get the most out of a session in the shortest period of time.


InBody Scan Technology

Forget the callipers and awkward measuring tape-wrapping exercises! InBody Scan Technology uses cellular body composition testing which takes the guess work out of finding out exactly what you’re made of, literally, including body fat and lean muscle percentages, metabolic rate and more.


Myzone Technology

World-leading wearable technology features a wireless, cloud-based heart rate-based system to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. Heart rate, calories and exercise time convert to MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), rewarding effort over fitness. Track your progress online.

“We value individuality because our differences are what make life interesting. We support each other because it brings out the best in everyone.

And most of all, we strive for positive health, fitness and wellbeing because of the overwhelming impact it can have in your life and that of your friends and family.”

What our members say…

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Hello and welcome

My name is Gemma Cuskelly. I would like to extend a very warm welcome to F1rst Class Fitness.

Nine years ago, my personal health and fitness was no different to most Australians. Unhappy, overweight and with terrible eating habits, I finally decided to make the change that saw me achieve and maintain a healthy 30 kilo weight reduction. Best of all, my entire perspective on life turned on a dime. I now feel an overwhelming motivation to show others the way… which is the driving force behind F1rst Class Fitness.

The most significant challenge I wanted F1rst Class Fitness to do away with was the sometimes intimidating environment prevalent in many of the big chain gyms, which anyone undertaking a health, fitness or wellbeing journey would understand.

Whether you are motivated for weight loss, weight gain, performance improvements, stress relief or general wellbeing, I compel you to take this opportunity to improve your life.

We look forward to seeing you in the gym soon.

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